Traditional dessert of Spanish origin, called “travel dessert”

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Mpanatigghie are extraordinary desserts studied and invented by Benedictine nuns in 1700. Their aim was to add meat, at the time of bush meat, with sugar, a natural preservative.

Other ingredients are: almonds, minced beef, sugar, chocolate of Modica, candied fruits, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The last one is a natural antiseptic and so it preserves the quality and the duration of the dessert.

They are called “travel dessert”, precisely because wayfarers who travelled for long distances were used to eat them to strengthen themselves.

They are also appreciated as dessert for breakfast, given their nutritional value.

Crust ingredients: soft wheat FLOUR, pasteurized EGG yolk, potato starch, sugar, BUTTER, water.

Filling ingredients: sugar, minced beef, ALMONDS, candied fruits (orange, pumpkin, and pear), glucose syrup, colorant E217 and E142, pasteurized EGG albumen, COCOA paste, CINNAMON, NUTMEG.

Produced in a lab that uses NUTS AND POWDERED MILK.

Weight 1000 g


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