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Traditional Chocolate and Mpanatigghi (called also “impanatiglie”) are considered the flagships among the pastries of the city. These last are delicious crescent-shaped biscuits spread during Spanish domination, recalling the Spanish “empanadillas”.
Mpanatigghi are particular desserts made of minced beef and chocolate, a strange combination with a high nutritional value, a rich consistency and a strong and delicate taste, too.

The bakery of Caffè dell’Arte proposes Mpanatigghi made of high-quality ingredients that follow a recipe improved over the years, so palates can have a unique experience.

Aranciata and Cedrata

Among the typical pastries, Caffè dell’Arte proposes also aranciata and cedrata, artisan delicacies loved by the local demanding customers.

Aranciata is made of sliced orange peels, while cedrata is made of grated lemon peels. Both pastries are decanted in water for many days, and then they are wringed out and cooked with honey and little sugar. Aranciata is served in the shape of swift nest, while cedrata is log-shaped.

These pastries, in the past, were served during Christmas festivities as dessert and as digestive thanks to the properties contained in peel oil.

White or crispy nougat

We prepare white nougat with Sicilian almonds combined with (uncooked) honey, whipped to have a soft consistency; instead, we use to cook almonds with honey to make crispy nougat, in order to be crisper and stronger than the previous one.

Our nougats are homemade prepared with high-quality ingredients, without preparations or chemical thickenings.

Almond biscuits

Lovers of almond biscuits can taste several delicious biscuits belonged to Sicilian tradition. At Caffé dell’Arte you can find the exclusive and tasty “Cardinali” or “Quaresimali”, homemade prepared in order to preserve ancient tastes.

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