White nougat

White nougat


Handmade nougat with almonds, orange honey and pistachios.

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White nougat is the combination of peeled almonds, thyme honey, pistachios and sugar.

The cold working enables honey to mount and assume the typical off-white colour. Sicilian toasted pistachios are joined with Sicilian almonds. Softness of the nougat make it palatable for all ages and recognisable all around Italy.

Pack size: 200g, tetrapak. Best before: 1 year from the date of manufacture, properly conserved.

NB: Produced in a lab that uses flour, lactose and nuts.

Beat honey until stiff with semi-toasted almonds, it will be soft and mushy.


Produced in a lab that uses FLOUR, NUTS AND POWDERED MILK.

Weight 200 g


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