Frutta Martorana is sweet and coloured to eat, but also to look at!

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Known also as gingerbread, Frutta Martorana is a combination of almonds and sugar to obtain a soft paste, not too sweet.

After a drying process, lasting several days, Frutta Martorana is coloured to seem like real fruit.

Best before: 6 or 8 months from the date of manufacture, properly conserved.

Produced in a lab that uses flour, nuts and milk lactose.

Ingredients: sugar, peeled ALMONDS, fondant, GLUCOSE, orange honey, sugar syrup, sorbitol, flavourings: VANILLA, CINNAMON powder, sweet almonds. Colorants: E120 carmine, E141 chlorophyll, E160 beta-carotene, E151 brilliant black, 1090 S yellow safflower. Polished with E 904 shellac (glazing agent) dissolved in pure ALCOHOL.

Weight 1000 g


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