Sicilian Breakfast

Sicilian breakfast at Caffè dell’Arte is a unique and genuine experience to try and to remember. You can choose between the most traditional Sicilian breakfast with granita and brioche or the traditional cornetto and cappuccino.
All our yeast products (brioche, cornetti etc.) are made of high-quality raw elements and slow food process, which means to follow traditional timing and maturation of ingredients.
Low-yeast dough is prepared every day, usually at night, and left to rise slowly all night long in order to be baked the next morning. Moreover, we use only cow butter and avoid the use of margarine to preserve the original taste and the authenticity of the product.
Cornetti, brioches, pastries and the typical cannoli are filled with custards obtained by high-quality raw materials and pure ingredients, such as whole milk, eggs and sugar. We do not use precooked custards in order to preserve the strong taste of ours.
The bakery works all day long, so you could taste one of our last experiments on the counter, during the day.

Sicilian Granita

Granita is one of the most special breakfasts in Sicily. It a semi-frozen dessert, made of water, sugar and fruit juice or other ingredients (such as coffee, chocolate, almonds and pistachio among the most used).
It is a homemade dessert, which follows an old recipe improved over the years using only high-quality raw materials and seasonal fruits.
Granita is available in different flavours (with seasonal variation): white almond, toasted almond (with a pronounced aftertaste), coffee, lemon, strawberry and ricotta.
We recommend you to try granita with whipped cream over the top, or “incappucciata” with whipped cream in the bottom of the glass and also over the top.
Another variation is the so-called “Gazza Ladra”, that is a combination of two flavours, coffee and white almond granita.
Granita is traditionally accompanied by Sicilian brioche, made of egg-pasta left to rise at least 12 hours, recognisable by the soft golden skin on its surface and by the particular round form of the “tuppu” (a little ball, made of dough, on the top).


The so-called cremolata is similar to granita, but different from it because it is creamier and juicier.
The difference is that cremolata is made of juice and fruit pulp. The pectin contained in the pulp functions as natural gelling agent.
Cremolata is a cold drink with a strong taste of seasonal fruit such as Indian fig, peach, red mulberry and pistachio of Bronte.
Cremolata is, of course, one of the flagship of our artisanal production, in particular red mulberry flavour for which we are been mentioned on the famous Gambero Rosso guide. (Our trusted supplier manually harvests this fruit between the end of June and the half of August).

Sicilian Cannolo

Sicilian cannolo is one of the world-famous specialities among Sicilian pastries. We produce it according to tradition, quality and freshness.
We use to fill cannoli with ricotta, custard or chocolate custard on the spot, according to our customers’ preferences, so rarely you will find cannoli already filled on the counter. This is one of the secrets of our deliciousness.

Another special product is wafer cone, prepared in our bakery with a recipe of 30 years ago including cocoa, coffee powder, brandy and other trade secrets…

So, feel free to move close to the counter and ask for a “cannolo”, we would be pleased to serve you.

Artisanal Hot Chocolate

Everybody can make a Hot Chocolate, but only few can make it skilfully.
We, as citizens of the “city of chocolate”, must offer to our customers a particolar Hot Chocolate, with an original and unforgettable taste.
We follow an artisanal historical recipe with cocoa paste and sugar to make a unique and strong product, without the aid of preparations. We propose also a hot chocolate made only of dark chocolate and water to intensify cocoa smell.

Hot Chocolate is also served with spices and flavourings according to personal tastes.

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